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"Fuck 'em ALL!"

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Welcome to alterna_queers! We are still under construction, so you will have to pardon the threads in the tapestry, so to speak.

We are a community of gay and gay-friendly people who want a community to call our own. We are a community of artists, poets, freaks, punks, conservatives, liberals, moderates, democrats, republicans, people who just don't care, people who don't fit the mainstream, and anybody who needs a community of their own.

Have you ever read something (or saw something) in another gay focused community and thought, 'I hate my community sometimes.' If so, this is the community for you! We aren't the mainstream, and we don't wanna be. "We are beautiful, in every single way."

Some ideas about things to discuss here: relationships, adoption, nontraditional relationships, romance, culture, film, society, the gay community, clubs, anti-club views, discussions about sex and sexual politics, government, politics, departures from the mainstream, queer hipsters, queer punks, queer radicals, terms, anything you want to - as long is it is done with respect to everyone! If you wanna post pictures, go ahead - but nothing obscene, and if you have more than one pic, put it behind an LJ cut

Things not to discuss: hookups (go to gay.com), slander of other users, and/or obscene situations or photos. If you post anything violating these guidelines, you may be removed from the community's membership.

This is not the place for community promotion. If you wish to do that, please visit gay_promo.

This community is just getting off the ground (as I said before.) We need icons, styles, pictures, and copy; so help us out! Let me know if you have any ideas, or you have created anything for the community! :) Have fun!